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We’ve all been there. A place where life takes a turn that we never expected… or maybe two turns, three turns, maybe it took so many turns you feel like you are in a different state or country all together. I’ve been there too. It seems like we live in that place sometimes. I hope these stories of life and crazy love bring you hope, insight, even distractions, but above all – a good laugh.

Gluten/Dairy Free

The successes and failures of gluten/dairy-free cooking, baking, and grocery shopping. Recipes Included.

From The Heart

The good, the bad, and the ugly: A collection of thoughts, ramblings and more questions than answers.

“You weren’t given wings to see the world from a tree.”


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Peacefully terrified.

“But Marissa, that makes no sense…” I’m aware. Keep reading! There is plenty of election talk, news, and opinions running around. I get it. This blog is my space to give my two cents and I pray that my readers respect that as I share mine. I’m terrified for the state of our country, but…

The Inside Scoop

Hi. Hello. I’m back! I haven’t posted anything for almost two months. The world seems like a scary, evil, and mislead place to be in right now. I needed to shut off the noise for a little while and here’s why… In January of this year (2020) my husband, Armando, had a major surgery to…

This Is Our Wake-Up Call.

Dear America, This is our wake-up call. Our world is threatened by a pandemic and how do we react? In the beginning, some react in panic and buying up all of the groceries and toilet paper we can find while others react with a nonchalant attitude and shrugged shoulders to what’s happening around the world.…


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Born in Pittsburgh, PA and currently living in Lynchburg, Virginia. I live with my husband, our German Shepherd puppy, and pet snake navigating the highs, lows, and gentle middles of life.

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