Hypothesis: Love Is Blind

Warning: This post contains spoilers to the Netflix Original Show “Love Is Blind”

Experimental, Romantic, Cringy, Cheesy, Awkward. Yet, somehow it makes you feel ALL the things and is very addicting. Who else has seen this show and been swept up into the fad?

To be honest, the idea of this show is incredible. It is not your typically “Bachelor” or reality TV love show. It is based on a social experiment with the hypothesis that love is blind and testing if you can fall in love without ever seeing the other person. Their measurable test to prove the hypothesis is the marriage ceremony when/if the individual’s say I do. Starting with fifteen potential couples, (SPOILER ALERT) only two couples actually say I do and get married at the end. Being filmed in 2018, I looked up all the details and both couples that made it to alter and got married are still married 2 years later! Now that’s cool!

Being a psych major in college, I took Social Psych and Psych Statistics among other classes. In these classes we learned and even conducted our own social experiments. In regards to the show, 2/15 potential couples ended up saying I do. That’s 13.33%. Not very high, actually that is very low. You have to take into account a few of the other factors, like time – they only had maybe 8 weeks total to make this decision, and as always, the emotionality of humans and how that relates to your personality, decision making, rational/logic side versus more spontaneous/whimsical or adventurous types. The people willing to take a leap versus those that have to think through each scenario.

For example, Cameron and Lauren. We see Lauren portrayed as this quirky, outgoing, fun-loving social media content creator and the man that she fell in love with is a shy, calm, cool and collected scientist. Their individual reasoning and decision-making, mixed with their personalities, led them both to being open to the experiment and ultimately falling in love with each other before ever seeing the other person. For them – Love is blind.

For others, such as Mark and Jessica, where social factors like age, status, finances, etc. play a larger role – love is certainly not blind. Jessica says this herself when she gets in the van in her wedding dress after leaving Mark at the alter in the season finale. Mark, on the other hand, felt the exact opposite by saying that love really was blind because he had fallen in love with Jessica in the pods and even more so when they saw each other and got to Mexico.

Is it an individual choice and openness that allows them to be susceptible to find love through an experiment like this?

What do you think about the show and its hypothesis, Love Is Blind?

Side Note: Team Cameron and Lauren over here!!

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