We paid $585 for what?!

Of all of the random and crazy events we have inadvertently caused or endured since we moved to Virginia I seriously think this one takes the cake.

You know how couples go to Home Depot browsing the aisles for their next home projects and next big thing? Well, my parents did it on their date nights when I was growing up and so did Armando’s. So we tried our hand at it.

Being in a 2 bed 2 bath rental, I wanted to make that second bedroom as functional as possible. Half the room for an office for Armando, half for an office for me, maybe some floor space for a workout area, and of course with a bed for guests to visit. How do I make this happen in a 12×12 bedroom that we are renting?

A murphy bed!

That was my big idea. I presented it to my husband (the true handyman of our marriage) and he was all over it. I sent him Pinterest posts, he told me about Youtube videos he watched of people building them. We thought we had it all figured out! Off we went to Home Depot, giddy with the adrenaline rush of home renovations, because our first material we needed was the wood!

We get an orange flatbed and are strolling through the aisles. I’m thinking about 18 other renovations to make to our rental that Armando says quickly says no to every time as we pass by kitchen backsplash, light fixtures, patio furniture, and more. We come to the wood section. Armando tells me not to be picky because we are going to sand and stain or paint the wood anyways. Okay, got it. Check, don’t be picky. We pick up some 2×4’s and head to the 12-14in wide boards. I point at some and say wow are those prices right? $.50?? Armando says “no no, that’s by the foot we don’t want that kind.

I literally have no idea what I’m looking at, it all looks the same to me but some look smooth and others look weird and rigid. I point at a smooth one that says $2, we stare at it for a while and decide yes we like that one a lot. Armando and I load up like six of these boards that are 12inches wide and 6-7feet in length. Some are shorter for the headboard and footboard like 4-5ft in length. We’re super excited and are talking about the plans to start building and then go look at and pick out a stain – this deep brown color that’s absolutely gorgeous.

We make it to the check out and the cashier starts scanning everything and we are still chatting away thrilled about our first Home Depot date night together married and all the sudden the cashier says, “Okay so you’re total is $585 and-” literally I don’t even remember the second half of that sentence.

Armando will tell you I didn’t even blink before pulling out our joint debit card and saying, “Okay” while he touched my shoulder with an are-you-kidding-me look. Needless to say, we swiped our card and left Home Depot. Walking to the car, I peek over at Armando who looks physically ill at this point.

We load these 5-7ft long boards into our Honda Accord (that was a sight to see) and climb into the car. He looks at me with these big eyes and says, What did we just do? How did I miss that? Can we return it? Let’s take it back inside. I asked him why it was so much when the label said $2 and he looks at me:

“Marissa, it is $2 per foot for these boards and we just bought 6 or more that are 5-7 feet each board.”

Oh. My. Goodness.

So…I’ve never been good at numbers, which is pretty common knowledge if you know me. Or if you are Armando because I ask him what 6+8 is or other simple math questions on a regular basis. Numbers are hard, okay. Don’t judge me.


Ya’ll. What.

Turns out the wood was non-returnable too apparently (Armando tried it). So we took it back to our 2 bedroom rental apartment and didn’t buy groceries for 3 weeks… no I’m kidding, but we were definitely on a stricter budget than usual. We also made sure to call both sets of parents and share our experience the same night with them. I’m sure you can imagine their thrill at how intelligent their kids were in that moment.

*Fast forward to today… a year and a half after this date night*

Do you think we finished that murphy bed project idea? Nope.

The close to $600 worth of wood sat in our dining for a few [eight] months until we gave into the fact that the murphy bed idea was just that – an idea. It was great in theory and on paper as a plan, but not possible in our rental. Instead, this crazy expensive oak wood turned into decor in the old apartment and then re-sized and re-done when we moved into the new apartment. Literally, this wood was more than we spent on all of our living room and bedroom furniture put together. It felt like an injustice to let it not be used or seen!

Talk about an adventurous and slightly embarrassing first Home Depot date night as a married couple. This whole story is one giant *facepalm* in my book. You live and you learn though, right?

Well, we definitely did more LEARNING on this one.

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