What does Loco Habibi mean?

Loco Habibi means a few things.

It shows the importance of family in my life, the importance of culture, of differences/similarities. It is the the most important thing in life: love. It’s the adventures, the mistakes, the lessons we learn. It is so much more.

Loco means “crazy” in spanish. This comes from Armando and his family whose heritage is Cuban. Armando’s best memories of his grandpa are in a shirt, in the woods or out on the lake, that read “El Loco“. Armando actually has this tattooed on his arm as well.

Habibi means “love” in Arabic. My paternal grandma, that we called Sittee (pronounced “Sit-tea”) used to call us this at Sunday lunches after church together. Sometimes we got habibi and sometimes we got another not-so-pleasant word if we were being difficult or rambunctious. My sisters and I joke that the only Arabic we remember are the important things – food and swear words!

Though these two words together technically mean nothing, they mean everything to me. To me they are “Crazy Love”. It is this blog embodied. It is my life, my family, my husband, the adventures, the joy, the anger, the sadness. All of it.

How many of us have felt like our lives have a mind of their own?

Life is messy, it knocks us down time and time again. It can feel scary, stressful, and hopeless. It can bring so much anger and sadness, but life can also bring joy. Life can be beautiful, full of wonder and happiness. The bravery that comes out of what we experience in life helps us weather the strongest storms imaginable even when we are swept up in a whirlwind of disaster and love all at the same time.

Loco Habibi is my whirlwind.

This is me welcoming you to my hopeful, comical, adventurous, and crazy love.

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