How Facebook Saved My Life

Okay that may be a slight exaggeration…

I’ve mentioned to you before that I pretty much furnished our 2 bed 1 bath by using Facebook Marketplace. I got our couch and loveseat for $150 total, our two bedroom dressers and nightstands for a total of $160, and our futon for $75: all off of Facebook Marketplace.

Can I get an AMEN for one man’s trash being another’s treasure?

Armando and I moved me down to Virginia two years ago with some kitchen items, clothes, and one TV. Literally that is all we moved with. We had our mattress delivered the week after I moved in June and the guest bed mattress delivered when he joined me in Virginia 4 months later. At the time I moved, we were newly married, living in two different states, paying 2 rents, 2 grocery bills, 2+ utility bills and then whatever extra we had to pay like student loans and insurances. We were not doing so hot financially.

Ya girl was on the lookout for some furniture. If you have been or are ever at my home, you’ll probably hear me say “I hate those couches, but they were such a good deal and literally match everything.” It’s true. They are from an older lady’s second living room. They are navy blue, brown, cream, and light blue pin stripes. Yes, I’m aware it sounds atrocious, but I made it work. My mom helped me get rid of those terrible rolled pillow things and add some real pillows that bring it to a more current century. She’s incredible. Literally four $10 pillows changed the entire look… who would have thought of that!? Not me.

The point is that I may not be a stellar home decorator – yet, but I like to pride myself on finding great FB Marketplace deals and creating friendships off my purchases. The lady I bought my house plants from still messages me with new plant babies she is looking to sell and the lady I bought these adorable yellow glass kitchen bowls off of we went to church with for about 3 months before trying out another church that we now call home.

Yesterday, I took a risk on FB Marketplace and it paid off. Have you seen people selling their clothing? Some that look like they’ve been around for about 6 years with armpit stains being sold for $40 a shirt? Or the ones that say “Brand New”, but clearly have been worn for at least 6 months to get the wear and tear visible?

Yeah, same.

I was scrolling last night and I happened to see four pairs of American Eagle jean shorts catch my eye. Ladies, you understand how hard it is to find a decent pair of jeans or jean shorts. Personally, my thighs eat shorts for breakfast. It happens. As you can imagine, this makes pant shopping excruciating to me. I hate shopping for pants. Tops, jackets, shoes, underwear – ALL DAY. Pants – Nope. Pass.

This girl on FB was selling these jean shorts for $5 a piece. I was thinking there has to be something wrong with them. I read the post, do a little Facebook creep (don’t judge me, we all do it), and decided they look legit and fairly new so I messaged her “Are these still available? Do you remember when you bought them I know sizes can change for AE shorts?”

…and now we wait…

She messaged back shortly after that they were a year old, and one pair was 2 years old, but they were all barely worn. She was so sweet and actually sent me a video of the shorts and some other clothes she was looking to get rid of and we happened to be the exact same size in everything!

Three videos and a bunch of pictures later I decided to go for it. She even offered that I could try them on and if they didn’t fit I could give them back for my money back. I was blown away! We met up and followed “social distancing” protocol with the COVID-19 pandemic of being 6ft from each other. I walked away paying $35 for 3 pairs of jean shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, Adidas joggers, and a crop top.


I spent $35 for seven articles of clothing. It would have cost me over $35 for just the Adidas joggers alone. Woah.

Naturally, I got home and had a full fashion show to myself while trying to force Armando to participate and comment. I also sent my little sister pictures with CAPS LOCK text messages attached on the deal I just got. I’m still completely shocked. Even better is the fact that this girl that I bought the clothes off of is still going through her closet and we exchanged cell numbers saying she would text me pictures and videos of the other clothes.

BRB while I go spend all of my money on her closet…

I watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series a few months ago and donated 4 bags of clothes that didn’t spark joy. What I failed to realize in my Marie Kondo journey was that you can’t donate all of your clothing because none of them spark joy…but I did. Oops. Now I am re-building my wardrobe and only with the ones that spark joy for me, but we are on a strict budget so I’m being creative. Being creative for me means utilizing FB Marketplace and raiding my little sister’s closet when I am in Pittsburgh. (Sorry Krist!)

On a real note though, what a blessing people can be!

One, Kristi – my little sister – is always recycling her clothes to me and I am forever thankful for her obsession with clothes and shoes that all happen to be my size.

Two, strangers becoming new-found friends are such a blessing. I joke about people selling some questionable items on FB Marketplace, but honestly, how cool is it that as communities and neighbors we can list our unwanted or unused items for other people to take a look at so that it doesn’t go to waste, and maybe we make a few dollars in the process. It’s incredible.

Facebook didn’t exactly save my life, but it did save me time and money while also adding a few friends to my life journey.

What have you sold/bought on FB Marketplace?

Have you looked at each encounter as a blessing and/or seen the possibilities of friendship and community with each other?

2 thoughts on “How Facebook Saved My Life

  1. I am always finding great deals on Facebook Marketplace for Deklan. I found a brand new Step Two toy box for $20 and it’s actual value is close to $100.

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