Gluten Free General Tso Chicken with recipe!

When we went gluten and dairy free, I thought we could never eat Chinese food again besides the rice and veggies. Armando loves General Tso Chicken, but it’s breaded. We found out PF Chang’s has a gluten-free menu, but my goodness it’s expensive! For two of us, it’s about $70 for dinner. We can’t do that every time we crave Chinese food!

Well this weekend is Armando’s birthday and I wanted to try something special since we are on a bit of a budget this year. I can’t take him out to a fancy dinner or go Go-Karting like last year, I always find or do something outlandish for his birthday because he “hates” birthdays and holidays. How can you hate your own birthday?! For his 23rd birthday when we were just dating, I covered his room in assorted color balloons all over the floor, bed, computer desk, closet, and had his presents waiting on his nightstand for him. Then for his 24th birthday when he was still chewing tobacco, I covered his room in blue balloons, had a giant 2-4 on his wall, and had chew cans tied to the balloon strings with 24 reasons why I loved him. I know I’m extra and also cheesy. Sue me. For his 25th, we went Go-Karting for a whole day and I covered the downstairs of our house with balloons and had a tray of donuts and 2-5 balloons when he walked in the door from work. It’s kind of a tradition now to outdo myself for his birthdays!

This year, my something special (on a budget) consists of me cooking and baking a bunch of his favorite foods, all gluten and dairy free of course. Yesterday, to kick off the birthday weekend I decided to try my hand at Gluten Free General Tso Chicken. No dairy items needed, win-win!

I’m so incredibly thankful for Pinterest and the gem of a blog by Whitney Bond that I stumbled upon. I searched high and low for a recipe that was legit, but also easy enough that I could make it and it actually taste like it should.

For the many of you who asked for the recipe – click here for the Gluten Free General Tso Chicken recipe on Whitney’s blog!

Fair warning – even though she warns you also – this is very spicy! I forgot to turn my recipe page over to see the second page with the warning. So once it was done, we sat down to eat and Armando almost choked on the crushed red pepper flakes in his attempt to tell me it was spicy. Whoops. He’s good though! He’ll make it to 26! If you make this same mistake, just pour some honey over it before you dig in and it will sweeten it up for you.

I doubled the recipe for Armando, I and his cousin who is living with us amongst COVID-19, and I also negated the dried red chilies – only because I couldn’t find them in the stores.

This was absolutely delicious!! We had hardly enough leftover for lunch the next day! I highly recommend trying this one out!

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