Quarantine: Week One Diary

I’m bored.

Like utterly, completely, mind numbingly BORED.

Quarantine life didn’t seem like a big change from my regular life to be honest. I work from home quite a bit as is, but I didn’t realize how much I craved getting out of the house. Now there are no date nights for dinner and a movie, no random mall window shopping, no calling a friend for coffee dates, none of that.

It’s hard.

I’m sure you are feeling it too. I keep seeing people posting about “keep in touch through technology” and “post what you’re doing to pass the time”, ya’ll I’m just straight up in sloth-mode.

Enneagram 9 here – hi! My “deadly” sin is being a sloth and this quarantine is not helping.

I’ve done as many home projects as I can with the materials I have, I’ve rearranged the kitchen twice already too. My goal has been to stay off social media and catch up on reading some books I have. Can you guess what I’ve done with my time?

Walk around my house aimlessly, walk to the kitchen for a snack, workout at home in a 5×3 foot space, and yup – SCROLL SOCIAL MEDIA. For. Six. Hours. Straight.

I’m not proud of it.

Today was the first day I sat and read a “fun” book – as I call it – for 2hours straight. I have my morning devotion books that I read an excerpt of each morning, my “fun” book, and my knowledge book or personal development book. It probably sounds crazy to you… who else reads books like that?

Someone tell me I’m not alone here…

My goal from now until the end of this quarantine, which has now been extended to June 10th, I will read more and scroll less. Ya’ll are my accountability. Watch that book suggestion topic take off!

What are ya’ll doing with your quarantine time?

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