Is anyone else feeling a sort of sluggish lack of motivation heading into month #2 of quarantine?

I’m typically an introvert, but I’m craving some human connection right now. To grab coffee with a friend, have a beach day with the husband, walk around Barnes and Nobles aimlessly reading the backs of books and adding them to my arm collection until I can’t fit anymore in my arms.

Anyone else?

At first I thought, “hey I’m an introvert, how hard can a quarantine be?!” I’ve been keeping up with my workouts, sitting on porch in the sun as much as possible, making new dinner and desert recipes to try, home projects around the house. All the things. But, I was very wrong. I miss leaving my house, I miss not worrying about being in large crowds of people, I miss my family, I miss the opportunity to leave my house if I wanted too.

I think that’s what it boils down too… having the opportunity to do something regardless of if we took advantage of the situation to begin with. As a rebellious kid I would hear someone tell me not to do this or that and all my brain heard was Go do that thing they said not too so you can decide for yourself.

Just ask my mom, she’ll tell you the truth. I was a little devil for a few years there. All jokes aside, it’s human nature to want to do what people tell us not too. That’s why you see people pushing limits and boundaries with this quarantine throwing big parties, etc. We want what we can’t have (or can’t do in this instance).

The mandate to stay indoors and keep those around us safe and healthy is extremely important. But that’s not to say we aren’t struggling with it… even the introverts are having a hard time at this point!!

Usually I’d be thrilled if you told me I had to stay home instead of face humans for the day. Today, PLEASE TELL ME I CAN GO OUTSIDE AND TALK TO HUMANS AGAIN. It’s a whole new mood I’ve never experienced to be honest.

If anyone has any tips for staying sane during quarantine or keeping motivation throughout your day – share them in the comments below!!

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