“Prayer is Wrestling”

Think of that for second.

I read this in my devotion this morning that was all about learning how to and how not to pray. Fitting for such a time as this.

We aren’t supposed to pray to catch God up on what’s going on in life – HE ALREADY KNOWS. The intention of prayer is wrestling between our Christ-likeness and the world.

Think about a wrestling match… if you’ve been too or watched a video of it. It’s intense! You watch two individuals in a designated 10×10 area (or less) twist, turn, duck, dive, and try to throw each other onto the floor to win. Both individuals walk off the mat sweaty, out of breath, and sometimes with cuts or bruises or red twist marks all over their body.

Do we pray like this?

Do we pray in a way that is a wrestling match between our hearts longing for Christ’s peace and shelter or do we walk on the mat and let ourselves get throw down in defeat?

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