A space for this and a space for that.

Does anyone else have designated spots or spaces throughout their house for different activities?

Let me explain.

Desk = Work from home, or family budgets, monthly to do’s
Bed = Sleep
Dining Room Table = Eat
Kitchen Bar = Crafting station, Breakfast nook
Patio/Couch = Reading, Personal Development, Quiet time, TV show, etc.
Living Room = Workout space, Spending time with my family

Does this sound like anyone else?

There is actually quite a bit of scientific evidence about certain tasks in designated spaces being beneficial for our bodies and brains. I remember reading about our beds and if we lay in bed and do a bunch of random tasks or scrolling social media, etc. then our brains have a hard time doing the things you are supposed to do – like sleep. We have to train our brains. If you train your brain that bed = sleep, then when you lay down at night your body and brain will adjust and realize that being in bed means it is time to sleep.

Another example while many of us are working from home during the pandemic is having a designated work space. Have you heard your boss or HR reps mass emailing about this on your new work-from-home adventure?

Pick a spot: leave your work computer, paper, and whatever else you need for work in that space. Anytime you sit down at that desk, kitchen bar, dining room table, pop up card table, where ever it is – your brain will follow suit that that space means it is time to work and be productive. Make sure to take necessary breaks to get up and stretch your legs, but that spot will now register as “productive space”.

This is what I mean by having a space for this and a space for that.

I encourage you to try it out this coming week and just see how your brain/body react to it. You may notice higher energy and productivity in your work space or an easier time falling asleep at night in bed, or maybe even an easier time relaxing and de-stressing using one designated space to breath/reflect/meditate/pray.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments if you already use this idea or when you decide to try it out!

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