This Is Our Wake-Up Call.

Dear America,

This is our wake-up call. Our world is threatened by a pandemic and how do we react?

In the beginning, some react in panic and buying up all of the groceries and toilet paper we can find while others react with a nonchalant attitude and shrugged shoulders to what’s happening around the world.

Is there a right or wrong response?

With re-opening starting and supposedly coming in waves or phases – how will we react? Will everyone flood the streets at once or will we ease back into a new “normal”?

These past few months have been really difficult for a lot of people, my family included. We have been stressed, scared, anxious, full of worry, fear, and even anger. So many want our neighbors to respond a certain way or government leaders to respond a certain way. Right now, everyone thinks they know what’s best and what everyone else should be doing.

The truth is though…this is new. Everyone is doing the best that they can with the tools they are equipped with. Yes, you will always have those with selfish and ill intent, but in the end they are always exposed. There is no sense in trying to judge or spot the blame in others. Focus on yourself and what YOU can do.

Our nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals are working around the clock 16hour days/7 days a week to make sure their patients and residents are cared for to reduce the risk of exposure with too many staff members. Our farmers are reacting the best they can to keep up with the food demand and produce being required of them. Our husbands, dads, and siblings along with wives, single parents and grandparents are all doing their best to put food on the table and pay their bills on time.

This is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

I saw it written online that yes, we are going through this together, but we are not in the same place going through this. Some people are not very affected by this pandemic financially, some are. Some have not known or experienced personal loss due to this virus, while some have. We were all quarantined and on lock down for the same few months – our introverts aren’t minding it so much, our extroverts are screaming on the inside to get out and talk to other humans. Some are quarantined in a home life full of abuse, illness, or loneliness, some are joking about spending so much time with their loved ones that they usually don’t get, but crave.

We are all going through this pandemic, but we are not all in the same place.

I encourage you to take this time of re-opening and the past two months of isolation into your own reflection and introspection of yourself. How will you react to the news that is shown from now on? The decisions our leaders make? The neighbor or shopper who stands 2 feet behind you instead of 6?

Use this time as a wake up call. How we react to external factors and circumstances are a direct reflection of who we are and where our hearts lie.

What do you want to reflect to those around you?

Think about that. How you react to your neighbors, husband, wife, children, family, friends, even strangers during this time of uncertainty shows your character.

Let us choose kindness, patience, and a positive attitude with a side of caution.

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