Peacefully terrified.

“But Marissa, that makes no sense…”

I’m aware. Keep reading! There is plenty of election talk, news, and opinions running around. I get it. This blog is my space to give my two cents and I pray that my readers respect that as I share mine.

I’m terrified for the state of our country, but I have a peace that surpasses understanding.

As a Christian woman, the next 4 years will bring my beliefs and morals under attack. Don’t get me wrong… when you become a Christian and give your life into the hands of a powerful God it is clear that you sign up for a life of scrutiny, an uphill battle, and yet a life of grace and forgiveness. Life surely has not been a “walk in the park” up until now – my faith has wavered, re-steadied, and wavered once more. I’m human, hear me out.

Trump is the first president in almost 10 years to bring back “in God we trust” and TRULY believe it and exude it in his work. He has protected our country from countless incidents, has navigated a global pandemic, and protected our unborn children.

I’m sure we can all agree there are many horrible things being said about President Trump, his family, and his supporters in light of the media rampage on recent events of 2020 (and prior). I believe that He did get one very important thing correct… “in God we Trust”.

As a Christian, I love and respect ALL humans, regardless of skin color, religion, profession, political opinion, gender, etc. That does not mean I have to AGREE or SUPPORT your decisions or choices, but it means I will treat everyone with the utmost respect because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I do not have to agree with you. I do not have to raise my hand in support of your choices or petitions. I certainly will not support deliberately and unapologetically living in sin, harming your neighbor/property, and I will not support the murder of unborn babies.

I will defend you against any and all harm others try to bring you. I will defend your opinions as a freedom of speech. You are my brother and sister in Christ who I will love, respect, and pray for just like my own family.

I ask that you not impose stereotypes on me because I believe in God, or because I’m a woman, or that my skin color is brown.

The recent division in our country is a constant reminder to me that I am IN this world, but not OF it. I serve a King above all who knows my steps before I take them. He knows the course of my life and yours. This world is not my home.

My heart is breaking, yet my soul is at peace in the God that knows me best and loves me most.


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