What many DON’T mention about going Dairy Free

Dairy free to some sounds terrible, to others it sounds like less stomach aches, but more money spent on groceries. We are the latter. At first, I was the first – dairy free sounded AWEFUL when thinking of dinners and making food for our little family. However, dairy also didn’t sit well with Armando andContinue reading “What many DON’T mention about going Dairy Free”

Gluten Free General Tso Chicken with recipe!

When we went gluten and dairy free, I thought we could never eat Chinese food again besides the rice and veggies. Armando loves General Tso Chicken, but it’s breaded. We found out PF Chang’s has a gluten-free menu, but my goodness it’s expensive! For two of us, it’s about $70 for dinner. We can’t doContinue reading “Gluten Free General Tso Chicken with recipe!”

How our gluten free journey began.

In 2018 we were living in our two bedroom apartment in Chesapeake, Virginia and we were broke. Very broke. We were living on one-income, choosing which bills to pay and which ones weren’t going to get paid, and we were eating literally whatever we could put together from the pantry or whatever was cheapest atContinue reading “How our gluten free journey began.”